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Hi there!

My name is Caleb Hackler, and I'm so excited to share a little of my background!

I started off in music, growing up in a musically inclined family does that to you. I attended National Fine Arts in both Percussion Solo and Human Beatboxing, even though my first instrument was piano. As I got older, I discovered a passion for writing music, mastering as many instruments as I could. (You can hear my work on the hit song "Predator and Prey - Griffin Puatu, ft. Jonah Scott")

I've also been published as an author, under Eber and Wein Publishing House. My particular forte's were Creative Writing and Free-verse Poetry.

It was there that I learned to love the written word, fully delving into the power of the script.

My voice over journey began in a bit of a whacky way, but that's made it all the more endearing. As a child, I quickly realized that my ability to play music by ear wasn't solely limited to instrumentals, but rather encompassed a broader ability to mimic sounds. Whether it was a movie, an accent from a bygone era, or even percussive sounds, I realized I had an affinity to figure out what made them "work."

I undertook quite a few years of repetitive study, practicing the unique inflections of the regions I was focused on. During this time, I was the head admin of a very large Facebook Group, and many of the admins I hired were subsequently international. They provided valuable input on my inflections and nuance, critiquing my approach to their accent.

I was discovered at a convention during a blind audition about 5 years ago, but the truth remains that being discovered only helped me get my foot in the door professionally, but what got me to that point was the years of self dedication and practice I had already undergone.

You can hear my voice most recently in the game "My Time at Sandrock", the sequel to the hit game "My Time at Portia". I voice Pablo the Hair-Stylist, The Geegler Vice President, as well as all the lizard combat sounds. You can also hear me in the mobile game Yokai Kitchen as the voice of Sunbird Brandon, as well as many other projects.

I am blessed to wake up and have the opportunity to live a thousand different lives, each with a unique story and voice. There is no greater feeling than when someone creates their Magnum Opus, hears your voice, and says "Your voice, it is EXACTLY what I always imagined this character would sound like."

You can hear my work on the home page, or check out the work I've done for my clients on the client's demo page. 



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