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Caleb Hackler Voiceover

Rich, smooth baritone. Gravel undertone with natural inflection. Immense control over regional dialects. Young, eager, fiery, brutal. I am every single voice you will ever need. Find out why below.

Studio Specs:

-70db floor noise isolation booth.

Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone.

Adobe Audition DAW.

Scarlett Solo 2i2 pre amp.

Skype, Discord, SourceConnect, Voov compatible.

Caleb Hackler Demo Reel 2020
Caleb Hackler Demo Reel 2022
Caleb Hackler Commercial Reel

As a voice actor, the greatest privilege we are given is to be the catalyst for dreams. Your dream deserves top notch, professionally delivered audio.

Looking for a dynamic voice with the ultimate range?

Looking for someone who understands the nuances of over 40 regional accents and dialects?

Looking for someone who has spent years in the industry, and understands that both time and talent are valuable resources?

Look no further.

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